Navy stack setup with Cruiser as top ship

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    • I used to prefer to go 4 cruisers + 1 Destroyer before the cruisers' AA got nerfed. Now, it needs to be 3 cruisers + 1 destroyer + 1 frigate. When officer is present, he replaces the destroyer.

      Cruisers are still, imo, the toughest naval unit. Filling a stack with as many of them as possible, is my goal. Destroyer is there to detect subs (officer does that too) and frigate is now in there to boost AA capabilities.

      Naval Officer is invaluable in any naval build. I mean, in my infantry swarm build, ships are 4th down the importance line but I still have an officer out there. Just love officers; they act like more than one unit of its type.

      Hope that made more sense than not.
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    • lot of people play based on aircrafts, its now main gaming type. Some people use submarines. So imho cruiser is useless now, 3 frigates + 2 DD.

      Just killed fleet 1 cruiser 2 DD 2 frigates with 3 strike fighters wings, lost 3 strikers only, so 2 frigates isnt enough (all units were almost equal developed, strikers 1 step higher then frigates)

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    • doenst matter what you have much more is important what have enemy ... sometime inaf one ship to kill 60 unit in sea sometime is not inaf have it strong naval stack .. when enemy have artilery so why you ask what is good if inaf to read what unit do in fight and know what enemy have
    • scommysoggys wrote:

      Why you dont use cruisers? Not worth the trouble?

      Also is the Naval Officer worth taking?
      destroyer do the same job like cruisers. They are cheaper and can fight submarines in addition.
      Cruisers were good when they still had a range of 125 km. Cruisers are vulnerable to missiles, submarines and helicopters. And their 1 vs 1 advantage over the destroyers is minimal.
    • In this regards I want to inform you of an impending nerf for Strike and Naval Strike Fighers vs Naval.
      Additionally we are slightly buffing the Frig vs Helis (albeit very slightly only).

      Should be coming this week.

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    • I have always done well by stacking Friggittes. To me the most versitle and economic way to go. Ive been in battles with a 5 stack and took out a Cruiser led stack. also far better anti air so can use to defend homeland by air or sea and/or have used to but up a wall of lead by picket fencing them in an overlaying field of fire fashion when an attack at or above any one would cause the ships to either side to engage also.

      But this last game fell in love with officer Navy and just did the math I can build an officer faster than a Frigg (need to research corv 1st) and cost isnt that bad as save alot on research and little on Elect; pay more in supplies and components but get offensive fire power of a cruiser with ant air of Friggitte and only need Navy 2 instead of Navy 4 so if factor in the time and resources of 2 upgrades to Navy bases im way ahead on resources and time and have an early strike weapon no one can match (unless they read this ;) ) I will have Navy officer when others lucky to have 1 corvette or frig.

      Going to do the same thing with Rotary officer as 1 officer outperforms researching and building 1 each of gunship and attack chopper and does not require Airbase 2. Again a early game 1st strike or superior defensive weapon (only weakness is air and most will only have 1 Air supp so I stack with my air supp). Will be able to deliver 9 HP damage to troops; 11 armour; 4 to ships and take out most troops in front of my invading troops.

      I had always thought Officers were a later game luxury as an upgrade but you can use them as far superior units and dominate early on.

      Now the only risk is putting a lot of eggs in fewer baskets early on and will set back the building of future normal units but I am betting with these two officers I can wipe out most countries with coastal cities... now this strategy would do much good in eastern europe (well Rotary would) and maybe swap Navy Officer for Infantry Officer. but than get tied down in one area. havnt done math on inf or tank commander.