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    • We're looking for Support Staff!

      + + + + ATTENTION + + + +

      With our ever growing community, Conflict of Nations needs YOU! A (hopefully) well mannered, CoN knowledgable, unbiased lovely player. You will start off as a moderator, learning the ropes with the guidance of our dedicated staff.
      We use Discord as our main platform of communication with one another, you will have a second family waiting for you within your team who are on the frontlines. This comrodary will carry Conflict of Nations forward and prove to be a great learning experience which you are able to include on your Curriculum Vitae or Resume for job applications.

      Some of the responsibilities are:
      • Moderating our Forum, Discord and in-game chat client
      • Correspond with players on a daily basis
      • Participation in chat channels
      • ACTIVITY
      This a volunteer role however some basic requirements are asked of you:
      • At least 18 years old
      • Ability to communicate with users in a professional and mature manner
      • You are a friendly person not driven by ego or titles
      • You have game experience and have a fairly good understanding of gameplay and mechanics (you do not need to be perfect we are all still learning, the support staff will always be there to answer any questions you have)
      • Willingness to learn
      • Mature and reliable work ethic
      What's in it for you?
      • You will have direct communication with Dorado
      • You will be in the loop for planned releases and first-look internal discussions among the team for future changes!
      • You can show this experience as a badge of honor on your CV/Resume
      • Some goodies offered on behalf of Dorado
      • Comradery and second family!

      How to Apply:
      Please send your applications to or to @Yak via private message on forum, alternatively you can reach out to me on the CoN Discord Server @Yak#5109.

      Your application should contain the following:
      • Why do you want to join the support staff team?
      • Have you previous experience in Support/Moderation from another game?
      • How well do you know the game mechanics?
      • Why do you think you're a good fit? What can you bring to the team?
      • Age?
      • What languages can you read and write? Specifying the language you are most fluent in / mother tongue
      • What is your Discord username (including the #number) and Ingame usernames?
      Of course any other information that you think will is relevant or will help you stand out is welcome

      What to expect upon being hired?
      • Get acquainted with the staff in your language department especially your Team Leader
      • Get used to the workflow and establish yourself in your new role

      Once you put in your application I'll be in contact with you to get to know you better, I'll let you know how we work and answer any questions you might have.
      I look forward to hear from you!
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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    • Come :p

      I can advocate that as a member of the staff, you will have the opportunity to learn even more about the game, mostly from a side that you probably can't imagine entirely. We are the door between the players, and the business. As such, we are expected to protect both. If you have already moderated in other games (especially in German massive and classical online games like Travian), consider that our staff has much more interactions with the company, and that our voiced opinion is much more heared in a proactive way. The value of your contribution will be recognised.

      I would like to add, as a Team Leader (even if you will not work with me directly, but we will more than certainly cooperate on cases as they rise), some details to the points Yak mentioned :

      "At least 18 years old" ---> We all know that some people <18 years are perfectly mature and intelligent, but as staff, we may be exposed to confidential data. It is important that we are old enough to be responsible as adults.

      "Ability to communicate with users in a professional and mature manner" ---> You will encounter, sometimes, people that will threaten you, insult you, or act as if they were under drugs. You can't answer an insult with an insult, and you need to be the better man. It takes training to be able to deal in an courteous way with someone that isn't there to respect basic human decency.

      "You are a friendly person not driven by ego or titles" ---> If you come to us because you think we are some kind of nobility bearing magical powers, you're wrong, and will be disappointed. Spare yourself this experience. If you came to this conclusion, please think if you have not confused the player with the mod. (A great player is not necessarly a mod, but maybe he would be a great mod)

      "You have game experience and have a fairly good understanding of gameplay" ---> Beginners will naturally ask to the staff is they have a question, if nobody helped them. Nobody can know everything, but it's our pride to be able to help as much as possible (as well as to remain humble when we are wrong).

      "Willingness to learn" ---> you will do mistakes. We all do. Mod or Team Leaders, it's the same in that regard. Willingness to learn isn't only to be curious, it's also about humility in front of our unavoidable mistakes, or our lack of knowledge. It is mandatory to find pleasure in your community service, as well as to progress.

      "great learning experience which you are able to include on your Curriculum Vitae or Resume for job applications" ---> You may think of it as irrelevant. It's not. I do recruit sometimes, and the core idea is as follows : Everything in the right context is a tool for your CV. Out of timidity, one (especially young) may consider that it's shameful to speak of some community service on a game, or even of the fact that you play games online.

      Thing is (2018 figure), the people playing video games are 35 years old in average. If you are seeking a position for a job that implies customer service, or even handling data, then speaking about a community service made as a moderation staff is perfectly relevant to explain why you understand the job. I would even go a step above : After 2 years of doing challenges in teams on CoN, why on earth wouldn't you use this experience as an example of your ability to work as a team and to be proactive ?


      Everything is an life experience and can be related as such, there is no "petty" thing. In the same way, being a staff member is an experience by itself, and throughout my long service for both Dorado and Supremacy (it has been 7 years now, woooouh. I was 19 years old !), i do not regret it. And i sometimes ask myself if this hadn't an impact on my decision to shift from historical studies to Web/ cyber commerce, where i now work.

      If you love the game, and if you want to go deeper in it, definitely consider to join the staff. It's great for all good and bad things that happen.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • USNavyVet wrote:

      Hi i would like to volunteer i am a navy vet I can moderate in 4 languages English German Russian and Farsi. I am at the staff's humble service Sima gave me the link a friend. Feel free to reach me here via DM or on con discord US Navy Vet Crypto
      Spasiba Bolshoy
      Thank you
      If you are interested in joining all you need to do is read the full post at the start of this thread. There is information on how to begin the application process. :D