SPECIAL EVENTS: NEW OVERKILL - WW3: Apocalypse 4x - Middle East Crisis

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    • SPECIAL EVENTS: NEW OVERKILL - WW3: Apocalypse 4x - Middle East Crisis

      + + + + SPECIAL EVENTS + + + +
      These gametypes are only up for a limited time this weekend, so grab them while they're hot!

      NEW Overkill - 128 Players

      128 Player overkill version makes it's debut with an overhauled map refined and more explosive than ever. As always, expect the intricacies that Overkill demands. Thanks to the great number of slots in this game type you are guaranteed to have a cathartic experience. The stories of legend and greatness are birthed on Overkill. Will you secure your spot, and claim your right to the title of Leader?
      • 128 Playable Nations
      • Dedicate balancing and map design
      • Rank required: (Private) 2+


      This weekend-only, you will find special World War 3: Apocalypse 4x event games boasting a playable number of 64 countries, all of which demand intricate planning and strategy from you, Commander. The Apocalypse map features an explosive list of special conditions:
      • Nuclear Warheads are in the player Inventory from Day 1
      • All Research is available from Day 1
      • Rank required: (Private) 2+
      • The game time runs 4x faster, 1 hour in realtime is 4 hours ingame!
      • Non-Premium players are inactive after 6 realtime hours


      In Conjunction to the WW3: Apocalypse, we are happy to feature the Middle East Crisis games, allowing one lucky player to take control of The Caliphate nation (Insurgents). This Special Nation will let you play as any insurgent that appears on the map! Be warned though, you will need to change your mindset when playing as these ruthless conquerers, they do not play like any other nation available in Conflict of Nations. This map hosts 20 playable nations which are situated in the middle east.
      • Playable Terrorist Nation (First come first served)
      • All Research is available from Day 1
      • Rank required: (Private 2nd Class) 5+
      • Standard x1 time (1 hour ingame = 1 hour realtime)
      • Non-Premium players are inactive after 3 days

      Good luck, and have fun!

      //Your CoN Team
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

      "Victory does not always rest with the big guns: but, if we rest in front of them we shall be lost." - Commander Argentius