Airfields and airports/hospitals being built....

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    • Airfields and airports/hospitals being built....

      Could you possibly answer why some of these buildings are possible to be used at certain points in construction... not to mobilize units but to receive the extra hp or be able to fly out of or use? I’ve noticed several occasions that it seems as if its completely random at which point it’s able to be used... I’ve seen 3/10 then 6/10 for airfields. Does moral affect when it actually pops up to be used or randomness you guys refer to often?
    • I believe the airports/airfields are operational at around 66%-75%. Basically if you notice the progress bar it changes color as construction progresses. It starts at yellow and i believe when it turns blue it becomes operational and/or the benefits become available while it is technically still under construction. Hope that helps.
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    • From my recent experience it depends on whether airfield is being build in city or in province.
      In city arfield becomes operational for landing when it reaches 40% of construction, in province it was cca 90% (dont remember exact number).
      That could make big difference if you are going for fast moving campaign, given both take similar time to make (1 day + few hours or so) it means airfield in city can accept your reinforcements in 12 hours after starting construcion while airfield in province wont be accesable for 7 more hours.
      7 hours is enough to conquer 1-3 provinces so Id say... if possible I build those in cities.
      Other thing is... ppl tend to overlook airfields in provinces :)

      But when airfield was already built and was damaged during lets say airraid... I believe you can operate from any field that was completed and damaged but embarkation / refueling takes longer time.

      As for hospitals, those give increased bonus even before its completed... not sure if it needs 20,25,40% but works too.

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