cruise missiles against fleet

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    • cruise missiles against fleet

      So, an enemy has massive fleets with multiple level 3 vessels, including level 3 frigates. My teammate and I have been firing cruise missiles at it, spacing them out, and none hit. To quote my teammate's latest attempt "I sent 4 cruise missiles spaced apart. #2 5 sent minutes after #1 and #3 sent 1 minute later. #4 sent 1 minute later. None got through! #4 was intercepted with 3 seconds to go in flight. It's an impossible task for me defeat." Is a level 3 frigate practically immune to level 1 cruise missiles? 100 range vs missiles essentially covers the distance a level 1 missile can travel in the 10 minute window?

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    • Comparing the stats :

      Lv 3 Frigate has point defense stats:
      Att 3.5
      Def 3.5 (triggered every time - no reload)

      While Lv 1 cruise missile has 3hp

      Conclusion - no cruise missile will be able to damage it ( except you are lucky ).
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    • Simple: you're trying to defeat a "massive" fleet (lots of power and invest) with a "one trick pony" by launching missile volleys.
      If this would easily lead to success, do you really believe anyone would still be building navies?
      You have to come up with something better and a more elaborate strategy to prevail.
      This said, it can be done and you can ask in this forum or on the discord channel on how players set up for naval victory.

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    • Ah, no timer on defense against missile and so that will fire every time.
      Perhaps it was a misunderstanding, I had read on here that you can trigger missile defense then fire in the window, but perhaps that was assuming high level missiles that could survive defense but not attack and defense. So anything covered by TDS is totally immune to cruise missiles as well? And a fleet with say 3 lvl 3 frigates and an aircraft carrier is completely immune to all cruise missiles as well? And if I have 3 TDS overlapping the area would be totally immune to ICBMs?

      it seems missiles and missile defense is really a tricky balancing act... I've seen something about percent hit chance/randomization, I like that idea. I mean it makes some sense that you can't just sitting and micromanage for 15minutes and take out a massive fleet with a massive lvl 1 cruise missile wave, but it also sucks/seems unrealistic that a fleet can be 100% immune to cruise missiles.

      We're working on other ways... difficult to be prepared for everything. We rushed air defense and sub defense since we've had a ton of nukes launched in our game. I'm working on attack subs, about to have 4 lvl 2 attack subs.
    • Air Defense is indeed a tricky thing. First you have the RANGED AA (or anti missile) envelope which indeed is timer based but can be triggered and/or crossed within the time it is cooling down.
      Then there is the point defense which ALWAYS applies if the missile/aircraft is directly targeting units that have air defense. So technically these are two separate rolls. They also add up damage.
      This in turn explains why sometimes a missile is shot down although the damage of the AA should actually only scratch it - if one ranged and one point defense damage add up it may destroy the missile.
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