Diplomacy & Conflict a Modern Era Roleplay

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    • Diplomacy & Conflict a Modern Era Roleplay


      This game is a Geopolitical Roleplay Game. The objective is to create a realistic environment in which each player can play as the leader of their designated country and to consider the long reaching implications of their actions not only within their own country but throughout the international community.

      There will be no Land-Grabbing in this match and if you wish to play a game where you try and conquer as much territory as possible, then there are plenty of other regular games that are hosted which you may participate in. Such behavior will result in your immediate expulsion from the game and you will be banned from future participation in hosted Roleplay Games.

      Ideas for Roleplay Emphasis:
      1. Can your government protect your nation's airspace?
      2. Respond to foreign and domestic threats?
      3. Would your nation lead a UN peacekeeping force to deal with the threats from around the world?
      4. Can your nation express the true strength of your people on a global scale?
      5. Can your nation respond around the world when one of your citizens are harmed?
      6. Is your nation focused on economic strength and assisting smaller nations?
      7. Does your nation spread its cultural influence across the planet with having to resort to violence?
      8. What is the current political situation within your country? Perhaps a change in government is on the horizon?
      9. What domestic issues are you currently experiencing in your designated country? How would you effectively deal with those issues?

      Outline of General Rules


      -No Trolling
      -No Gold Usage allowed
      -No Landgrabbing and random invasions.

      We are here to roleplay, not kill each other off.-Please Be Respectful-Follow the Rules and directives laid down by the Game Administrators
      -Be ACTIVE

      ----------------------------------------------------------------Read BOTH the RP Document AND the Tech Tree. If you violate either, you will be subject to removal.-This is a Roleplay Game. Not a War Game. The objective is to provide an opportunity for players to engage in a realistic game where they act as their country's leader. It is about the ROLEPLAY and building your nation, strategic influence, naval/air/army strength and prestige, and economic power.-Wars DO happen, but if you find yourself at war with another player, act realistically and DO NOT Escalate for no reason. Remember, there are thousands and thousands of your citizens that would die if you commit to a war.
      - Player May not occupy all cities of another nation, one (any) city must remain unoccupied and unannexed
      -Just because a Skirmish happens, it does not mean you must commit to ALL OUT WAR. Remember, play realistically and use proportional responses. (ie. Downing of a Spy Plane results in a Cruise Missile attack against its airbase, or nearby asset. The shooting down of a spy plane does NOT mean you need to shoot off all of your missiles and launch a full scale war in retaliation)
      -Attacking AI Nations is Forbidden. Pretend that they do not exist. None of their actions will be considered "Real" for the purposes of the RP unless the Game Admin announces it in the News Section of the Discord Chat. This means that you cannot use AI nations to move Special Forces through either. Stay out of AI Nations!
      -You CANNOT Roleplay for the AI/Computer. You cannot blame an attack on your nation on the computer unless the computer actually attacks you. If that happens, you are allowed to defend but never take AI territory.

      Further rules and clarification on what is mentioned here is available from the Discord Server and must be read and understood prior to the start of the game


      The Map will be the 64 Player Map.


      All Applications will be taken on the Discord Server that has been created for this Game. You MUST fill out the application entirely. Failure to do so, or failure to follow instructions will result in you not be accepted and not permitted to join the game.

      Once your application has been accepted, you will be contacted in a private message on Discord and be given your country assignment as well as the Game ID Number and Password when the game starts

      Game will start May 20th

      The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants
      - Thomas Jefferson

      Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.
      - Milton Friedman

      Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.
      - Sun Tzu