Radar/Recon thoughts/suggestions/questions

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    • Radar/Recon thoughts/suggestions/questions

      Persistence of intel- when you radar ping or see a unit that intel stays on your map. It's a shame that you have to screenshot to keep track. Obviously, it shouldn't update if the unit moves or gets reinforcement or anything, but it'd be cool and make sense realistically. If a unit reports a radar ping (which IRL I think would show trajectory?) or sees a unit pass that intel should stay.
      Also, what are thoughts on say extending visible area of the ocean? If you control a land territory you can see the whole territory so you can get decent warning on armies moving towards you with detailed intel. The ocean though is totally a mystery unless you have a unit actively monitoring every km of coast. And radar doesn't give you nearly as much intel as empty territories, so you'd actually have to have units within sight range to have similar coverage. If the assumption on land is that locals would give the intel on land, they could also do so on the sea (fisherman and other merchant marine types).
      Not sure, but I think modern versions of radar could give you some idea of how big an army column/fleet/air squadron is and what direction they're moving? and that'd be really nice. It kinda stinks to have no idea if you're a match for someone until you're within fighting distance and to find out you have to send a recon unit to scout and watch and screenshot. Speaking of, maybe a passive scout option would be good? instead of only area patrol and attack for air units? Or a follow command?

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    • Modern radar is obviously much better than what you’re even suggesting btw. I’m marine veteran from 06-10 and it has come a ton further after I got out. Right now depending on unit you can see where they’re moving and est time so I think that should be fine. As far as ocean I would LOVE for them to actually implement a coastal range but only for your homeland location not lands you captured along oceans... even 50-100km would be much better than right at the end now. Not necessarily give you a alert like when units go in your land but at least show up they’re moving in with the unit description hidden.