Potential bug with winning conditions - please check and advise

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  • Potential bug with winning conditions - please check and advise

    In one of the games I scored higher number of VP than both other players who were ranked at place 2 and 3 altogether. While, I was not announced as a winner of that game, due to the fact that I was out of coalition, and victory was given to a player who was ranked second. Could you please check and advise whether this was a bug or not? If not, how I could know that I MUST be in a coalition to be announced as a winner, without any linkage to number of scored VPs?To be clear, that coalition who was named a winner had only one member and had almost twice lower score than me.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Good Morning @Ste11a.

    I checked your map amusing your name is Ste11a in game, and this is what i found ->

    You are indeed first, and why did you win before reaching the right amount of score?
    Have a nice following day
    - Luoniev

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  • Possibly the game was ended prior to completion? Guys - not everything is a bug. Games are ended prior to finishing for several reasons - player decision, we also close some if games are below minimum active players etc.
    Additionally gold is only awarded IF the players is active - and active does NOT mean logging into the website or the match! It means fighting, moving, building etc.


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  • Game ended before the final score as remaining active people clicked on that button to end it =) Probably my question was not clear enough. I finished at first place, while a winner was announced someone else, who had much less VPs than I. Also in the statistics that game was not shown as a victory for me. I'm not questioning ending the game. I'm questioning who is the winner in such situation as I faced - 1k points for me, approx 0.5k points for second place who was announced as a winner due to the fact he was in a coalition. Does this mean being coalition member is a MUST condition or not? Thank you very much for your response =)

    P.S. I'm not saying this is a bug, I'm just trying to clarify situation. In my opinion, if I'm playing alone I should not be forced to be a part of coalition to win a game if I score more than all others. While my statistics and winner announcement told me different thing which surprised me a lot. Could be it was an intention, or it can be it was not spotted earlier ;)
  • As I do not see any other reaction, seems my question was not clear.

    Please, Luoniev, you shared a screen where it says I'm a winner. However, if you check newspaper for that game, for the last day, you will see there that winner was announced a coalition, who finished on a second place. In addition, in the statistics of each player you can see number of solo and coalition wins. In this case, number of my wins didn't increase after completion of this map, not for solo and not for coalition.

    Therefore, my question what is a WIN condition remains open. Is being a member of a coalition is a MUST condition to win a map and to get a win into statistics or not?

    At this moment, I took part in 7 maps, in 6 of them I won, while I can see only 5 wins recorded to me. As a result, I'm quite confused and raised this question in forum.

    Thank you for clarifying this moment.
  • Good Morning Ste11a,

    I will notify this issue to the developers to check into this. It indeed tells in the news that the winner is a coalition, where you certainly had more points.
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    Have a nice following day
    - Luoniev

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  • Thank you for confirming Yak that my understanding about Winning rule is correct, while it's a fact that my statistics didn't update. From 8 games I've joined so far, I won in 7 of them, including that one I shared in this topic. While if you check my current stats, you can see that only 6 victories recorded (5 coalition and 1 solo). The only time statistics didn't update was after end of subject game. This is a reason I've turned to you.