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      + + + + SPECIAL EVENT + + + +
      This gametype is only up for a limited time this weekend (starting TODAY), so you better be quick!
      The new speed event puts the word Over in Overkill. Be prepared to double up this weekend, the map that we've all come to know and love is being given a speedy infusion at x4 game time. In case this is your first time, this means that ALL timers will be running at 4 times the speed. So you can expect:
      • 128 Playable Nations
      • 4 times faster Research
      • 4 times faster Travel times
      • 4 times faster Day times
      • 4 times faster Combat times
      • Basically... everything is 4 times faster! 1 realtime hour = 4 ingame hours

      //Your CoN Team
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

      "Victory does not always rest with the big guns: but, if we rest in front of them we shall be lost." - Commander Argentius
    • I didn't see any 128 player 4x games spawned this morning, and I don't see any of those games spawned now. What's up with that?

      I haven't been playing this game because the developers really haven't come up with anything new in the last couple months. It's just the same old stuff! The last time I played was the last time the 140 player 4x maps had spawned. That was (I think) back in February!

      At least there are more Middle East maps available now. So that's good!