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      + + + + NOTICE + + + +
      For quite sometime now we've actively hunted down players who are breaching the terms of service or who try cheating, and as much as it is pains us to see members of the community banned as a result of this, it needs to be done. Accounts who try to conduct such behavior are putting their accounts at the risk of being permanently banned. It's really important to note that multi-accounting* is not the only sure-way to get your account banned, and constitutes to a very large portion of the bans we dish out. Any breach to our TOS is putting your account in jeopardy, and one of those breaches we face on occasion is that of account-sharing. Players are in no way allowed to share account logins and ergo login details.

      While it is certainly helpful that you report players who you have a high suspicion are multi-accounting, it will be very counter intuitive if players report any player who they think are cheating in one way or another. Such cases are when:
      • Players are cooperating together: Being a multiplayer game it's natural that players are going to cooperate with one another, with this being said we do have rules in place for blatant abuse here such as the wolfpacking rule
      • Players purchase gold: There is no way for our game to be hacked, so you can rest assured knowing that if you see players who have a high number of units research or the like, keep in mind that it is due to gold spent which in turn is used to develop the company further, which in turn gives you more content!
      • Feeding: New players aren't always familiar with how the game works, weird behavior is not a sure way of knowing if someone is cheating or not. While yes, it may be a telltale sign of wolfpacking, it-alone is not enough.
      • Backstabbing: Being a game with a great focus on diplomacy and multiplayer aspects, backstabbing is going to happen. We have timers in place to reduce the impact on your as much as possible, but it is generally good to team up with players you are familiar with and know you can trust.

      You can find more information on wolfpacking, multi-accounting and other keywords mentioned here in the Terms of Service in the game.
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