Solved. Supply Shortage

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  • Solved. Supply Shortage

    Something a few of us have been noticing is a chronic shortage of Supplies. Now I do understand that with some countries, that goes with the territory. However, there is no excuse why even countries like Brazil or the USA and others known to be major food producers should be running out of supplies long before we run out of say, Rare Materials. Especially in 4x mode there is no way on God's Earth, or your version of it, to even come close to keeping up research. Most of the time, between building structures and units, I can only research one thing at a time. Either the demands for Supplies need to be lowered or yields increased, either way something needs to happen. It just suck all the fun out of the game to be constantly stressed by resource shortages. :cursing:
  • Ok, I just came back to this game after being out for about 2 years. When I last played I could keep both research slots going, annex cities, and build units without too much issue. Often I could fill the build queues of several cities at one time after annexing a few cities. Since I came back, the one way I have been able to come close to any of those things is to buy gold. Like it or not the game may be free-to-play, but has crossed well and truly into the realm of pay-to-win. I guess I won't need that Security Council membership after all since I can no longer fill the build queue of even a single city without serious resource depletion. Thanks for letting me know not to waste any more money on Subbing to the game, I won't make that mistake again.