Cargo transport & Military WareHouse & Demolish building overhaul Idea

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    • Cargo transport & Military WareHouse & Demolish building overhaul Idea

      Cargo transport

      Im heard that annex city have a lot of issue to balance
      - It cost A LOT
      - extra 25% resource could not full fill the cost

      so here my idea. why not impliment the cargo transport.
      - Cargo ship
      - Cargo truck
      each can carry 300 maximum any resource
      occupied city can build "cargo bay" or "cargo center" give +25% resource which that "25%" could only be send to us by cargo unit.
      don't need to annex the city to build
      - cargo bay for city that have port
      - cargo center for city that don't have port
      (you can only build one of this for each city)

      the cargo will get out from city every 6 hour take a shortest way to homeland city which must have same resource production.
      - you can edit pathway (premuim maybe?)
      - the already go out cargo unit could not be control

      unit states
      - not very fast speed
      - very low view range (to not impact main game play.. it not military patrol)
      - have enough HP to not sink by one hit
      - cargo can be lost relate to HP lost

      lv1 extra speed -> lv2 extra health -> lv3 extra visibility -> lv4 stealth

      - spy can revive cargo path.
      - command: delay delivery- hold the cargo for next transpot.
      - command: emergency evacuate- take what ever it have and transpot immediately but will lost 30% of it for penalty
      - could lead to new gameplay tactic. like take down cargo ship to cut supplies

      Military WareHouse

      - can only build in homeland province
      - can not build in city
      - reduce unit up keep for vehicle when it there

      ware house lv1
      - 3 capacity
      - reduce 30% upkeep
      - take 20min to get unit in use again

      ware house lv2
      - 5 capacity
      - reduce 50% upkeep
      - take 15min to get unit in use again

      ware house lv3
      - 7 capacity
      - reduce 70% upkeep
      - take 10min to get unit in use again

      Demolish building overhaul

      why it need overhaul you may ask
      but have all your building got demolish one minute after lost the city?
      that is quite unfair for defender

      so here my idea
      - demolish building in city that not homeland or annex will take (5 + unit strength) HP per hour. with 20HP per hour as limit
      - this will give defender a chance to take city back with not much lost

      the old one have quite op tactic to take which i don't really like
      conquer the city and demolish all building then retreat. come back again when ready but leave defender too much damage beyond recover.

      AKA. im not very good at english feel free to ask if not understand any line
      no meta, I do what meta don't do and YEET them with ridiculous tactic. - IT YEET OR BE YEETED
    • Hi,
      this are some nice sugesstions.

      I´m not quite happpy with the actual instant scrap solution.
      I´d prefer an option where i (as a Defender) can decide what my oompah loompahs should do in case of takeover:
      - Bash everything to scrap (if the City is lost anyway)
      - don´t harm it (except for normal combat damage) because the cavalry is already on its way.

      Cargo extension:
      This I like, but we discussed similar Things before.
      It would add a complete new layer to the game.
      I like that, but even if this will be come it will take some long time....
      Maybe as an special feature for those (like me) who couldn´t get enough from management ;)
      Most (especially new) Players, this would frighten more than beein of good use.
      Dorado Games DE Game Operator
      Conflict of Nations

      "That was not me, it was already broken!"
    • Cargo transports are a neat idea, but I don't think they would be good for the servers. Automatic transports would mean, more units moving around, more units moving around would mean server have to work even more and performance in browser already tends to be quite underwhelming on huge maps because of all the stuff going on. Though I would love cargo transports as a way to trade with your allies on a non-alliance challenge map, even more after Trade Embargo got removed.

      Not so sure about the usefullness of a military warehouse, also I believe it would be hard to make it work and also how would the warehouse act, if it gets 'nuked'?

      I suppose, demeloshing or 'scorched earth' tactic could need optimization.