Right of Way

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    • Right of Way

      OK most games now I have someone demanding I exchange Right of Way with them. Seems strange I see no compelling reason to do this. I feel it creates a huge vulnerability in my country. Yet people just keep bleating on "oh its so we dont start war" or "I am honorable".

      What gives?

      Im getting really sick of saying "No thanks" and then getting the disgruntled silent neighbor treatment.
    • its exactly what you think it is, what they want is to move into your main cities with little resistance while youre a sleep conquere with little to no losses and thats why they wont talk to you i had a rash incedents reciently they say the will provocation for war and i say go ahead if i lose ill just go another map this seems to work about 99% of the time they leave me alone and usually quit the game because they didnt get easy pickings like they wanted . what i do is say is this, from my experience off other games when i started playing people would invade me by using right of way , i how ever am not saying your going to do this, as a sign of peace i will neither except nor reject right of way this generally works and they should leave you alone
      • hello
    • Thanks yes makes sense...seems like a mechanic open to abuse. I hate to think how many newbies who dont know the game get caught out by this and simply give up because they have no clue why they got destroyed.

      Perhaps the developers could give a big penalty to units invading via RoW. So if someone changes status from Right of Way to War ... any units they have on the land that was RoW get captured and switch sides or simply get destroyed?