Players should not be allowed to leave the coalition after 1850 points.

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    • Players should not be allowed to leave the coalition after 1850 points.


      In 2 games our coalition defeated all other coalitions and was about to win when the leading member left the coaltion which ended the game and thus only he won and not us.This
      is a big injustice to other coalition members specially those who used gold to make it happen.One of the following customization can be done to counter this issue.

      1.Player should not be allowed to leave the coalition after 1850 points.
      2.Player should be allowed to leave the coalition but the whole coalition should be declared winner if the coalition is leading.
      3.The time required to leave the coalition for a player who has more than 1850 points should be increased to 5/6 game days so that other players can take actions.If he is going to be a sole winner he should defeat them all.
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      Totally disagree :)
      If guy has 1850 points it means he won game personally, not coalition. So he may do what he want. Me personally never leave coalition in such games, but this is fully personal decision and I can understand people which dont want seat in such games weeks more only because other are passive. You received your gold in this game, not only "victory" in statistics ... next time you will expand faster :)
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      Too many negative replies,let me clarify.

      1) Five fingers are not equal similarly points of all 5 members cannot be same .In almost all the games I played one members of the coalition has more than 1850 points.In the last game I won I got 2700 points

      2) In one of the two games I mentioned in first message my leading member had 1870 points while I had 1840 ponts.So there was not much difference.

      3) If the leading member had played alone,he would have to defeat many coalitions which is not possible without spending thousands of gplden,He was able to expand only because all other members fought against common enemies and protected him from all threats so this is a big injustice to them.

      4)Reward of few hundred gold is not such a big reward,because you can buy much more gold in just few dollars.

      5)Some people like me like to kill all enemy troops from distance like navy,airforce and artillery before they use infantory but when the area is cleared,other coalition members can also snatch this land.