Air Superiority Fighters vs. Strike Fighters - Last Update

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  • Air Superiority Fighters vs. Strike Fighters - Last Update

    It's complicated for air superiority fighters. The Strike Fighters in dogfights are getting better, even doing far less damage in theory.

    My Thypoon (2 stacks with 4 fighters each) faced a stack with 5 strike fighters (2 stars). In each attack the enemy lost a strikefighter and I an air superiority fighter. In the end I was left with 6 fighters and him with 3. Where's the clear difference in damage capacity? Or are all my coalition players who use air superiority fighters unlucky?

    Where's the air superiority there?
    And it was not just in this fight. Since the last system update I feel that in the air fights the air superiority fighters have been in a same step of capacity that the fighters strike. And other players are feeling this same incapacity of aerial superiority.