New ways to use gold (or even new currency?)

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  • New ways to use gold (or even new currency?)

    currently the gold was use to -> PAY TO WIN even they make every thing expendsive to keep player away from spaming gold but it still possitble to do.

    so here I give you a new idea for gold to use it in product queue.
    Im not good in eng and explain so here the example

    Your building will be done in 5 hour but it your sleep time.
    you pay gold for add the next building to the queue. which the price will base on how long the time of current buidling have left.
    (which maximum is 2 building to give a room for premium)
    (also same with units product)
    no meta, I do what meta don't do and YEET them with ridiculous tactic. - IT YEET OR BE YEETED