Gifting Land to Coalition Members

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  • Gifting Land to Coalition Members

    I often find myself in situations where I want to help out my ally by giving them territory. A gifting system where you can surrender control of land and give it to a member of your coalition would be convenient. This also means you could send Infantry to aid your allies and not have to worry about accidentally conquering their land. My only concern is this may promote cheating where one person would log in under multiple accounts. To stop this, perhaps you can only give away occupied territories, and not your homeland territories. A limit could also be put in place. (Ex: You can only give away up to 5% of the territory you hold.) People already can't play most games on the same internet connect which is discouraging in itself. What do you guys think? Would this be of use or just result in the game being filled with a bunch of cheaters? Could we maybe test this out in a few games to see the effect before emplementing it in the rest of the game?