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      but problem is that people left game and before start play UI its conqered yes i see that is posible win by small nation ( for use gold or wery wery luck )

      most like somebody write yes its normal that start without have it suplies and somebody have 2 cities why not ..

      specialy only by how many soldier you have on start to make invade big nation ? to take him city (anexed and yep 50% his produce ... )

      seriously its map for gold player or yes i try play this map (with rule not invest any gold ...)
      and after 5 map i say no its un funny play style without gold and try to catch luck and your luck disaper when you look on other continet :D most time /becose you estabilished your economy and another finished conqer continent ...

      so without have it evry resource and posible some army no try it play if your pocket is not ready go be empty :thumbup:

      yep its sometime funny that UI declare war send one recoon car and one infatry and home left twice biger army that i have to wait before arrive artilery and aircraft ( by the way navy cities is almost funny when have it UI arrrive with one ship make one strike and what UI send 30-80% army in sea so wait with ship a little far and without any lose kill it .. )

      this two fact be good UPRAGE at UI dont send army on sea .. when strike ship ... when declare war seriously start atack with 30 % his army and primary dont move one provience by one day ... for posibility not make so easy target for other player ...

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