Strategy for island countries.

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    • Strategy for island countries.

      Hi, people. Please share your opinion about strategy for remote island countries. Actually here is no many such countries. probably its New Zealand, Australia ... dont see more. These countries specific is small efficiency of air forces due to huge distance till nearest countries. Which units are best for early expansion and for further competence with "land" empires ?
      At first look logically is build fleet (FR) + lot of cheap infantry for early expansion. Fleet clear lands and infantry take them. It isnt fast , but effective enough. But what develop and build further cant decide :).
      1) Continue enlarge navy + strategic subs + BM ... but here is problem to take inner lands under control.
      2) Advance further as standard "land" county (air + SAM + air bases everywhere + mobile armies) isnt interesting and ask double resources from poor islanders.
      3) Make "hard" land fists to move inside continents (tanks + AAA + arty), take ports with owned strong navy support and launch from ports armored fists.

      Which one strategy you prefer and think its most effective ?
    • When playing on islands, you have a bit of an advantage, in that, it will take time for other countries to come against you in force. You can spend a bit more time, consolidating your units in locations where you think your enemy is likely to strike. Look to neighboring countries for alliances. While you have time, build up your industries. I look to focus on subs, and use them as a screen. They are good to have outside softer landing zones to sink troop ships before they land men. Once production is pumping, start building naval troops, and amphibious units to get your beach heads set up on the larger land countries, and capture the other bases, annex them and start producing from those locations without having to ship troops across constantly.