Make Hungary a playable nation

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    • Make Hungary a playable nation

      I think it would be a great addition to the game to make Hungary a playable nation in normal modes like "World War 3" and "Independence Day." (the ones with 64 nations)

      If you take a look at the game map on these modes, tons of smaller European countries are unplayable, and for good reason. But in my opinion, it's a little too many. I believe Hungary is a nation that should be playable because it would create more of a balance in that region. Currently, nations like Serbia, Romania, and Poland are able to snag at so many small bot nations like Hungary, Yugoslavia, etc. I feel like with Hungary added, it would add a more key player to the region while also still leaving a good amount of bot nations to conquer.

      A playable Hungary also makes sense from a geopolitical standpoint. In real life, Hungary has more influence than some its neighbors. Hungary has a population of nearly 10 million people, a higher population than all of its unplayable neighbors. Even playable nations like Austria and Serbia have smaller populations than Hungary, with Serbia at 7.1 million and Austria at 8.7 million. Hungary is the clear choice to make playable in this region, as other possible choices, the Yugoslavia nations, have extremely smaller populations and regional influence, and Hungary has a real-life history of empires and regional power.

      With Hungary as a playable nation, it still allows for bot-nation expanding by other regional powers. Poland can still take Slovakia, Germany can still take Czechia, Serbia, Austria, and Italy can fight over Yugoslavia, Greece Albania, etc.

      In the Overkill gamemode, which features Hungary as a playable 4-city nation, I have only seen good gameplay come out of it. From both spectating Hungary and playing Hungary in this map scenario, it is cool to see Hungary fight for local dominance. Often times, it is a failure, while some other times, Hungary manages to have slight regional influence; the perfect traits and possibilities for a nation of this size. Of course with Hungary in a 64 nation game, it would have an easier time expanding to bot nations, it would limit the rapid expansion of previously stated nations and allow for more action to be focused around that region. Hungary itself isn't overpowered or advantageous, but still allows for potential dominance or failure for itself in the region.

      With Hungary added, I feel as if it would work well with five cities, being comparable to the strength of Austria. Austria isn't consistently impactful in games, however, once in a while I see Austria do good. That is what Hungary would be like.