Auxiliary ship's and naval refueling

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    • Auxiliary ship's and naval refueling

      I have an idea that will really develop the naval aspect of this game.
      In real life, navy ships can only only go so far as they need fuel, similar to aircraft. Naval warships have to stop at ports to refuel, in this game navy ships don't need to refuel they just consume fuel which is magically taken away from your fuel stockpiles even if the ship is say in the middle of the Atlantic, naval units can go anywhere in the world without stopping to refuel, even corvettes.
      What the game has right about this aspect is that aircraft have a limited range, if you want to increase the range of the aircraft you need to build more airbases, what I am proposing is that the team should do what they have done to aircraft, but implement it into naval units.
      Navy units should have a range similar to air units.
      Different navy units will have different ranges, with corvettes having a small range suited for coastal water defence like what they are designed for while blue water ships like destroyers will have a much longer range. Kind of like helicopters having a smaller range say to a heavy bomber. You can increase your naval units scope of operations by building naval bases similar how you can increase your air units scope of operations by building airbases.
      Here's an example just imagine you are Pakistan, and you have a fleet of destroyers and you want to attack Perth which is in Australia, due to the range of the destroyers you can't just straight up sail them to Perth, however luckily your ally Indonesia has a naval harbour in Jakarta which can extend your fleets range to Perth, so you order your fleet to sail to Perth and on the way your destroyers have to refuel at Jakarta and then they attack Perth. This is similar to say you have strike fighters that you want to attack Perth, but they can't due to the range, but there is an airbase in Jarkarta which gives them enough range to attack Perth.
      Maybe Naval warfs can also be used for refueling which will give them more of an use.
      Now this is where the Auxiliary ship comes in.
      Auxiliary ships are very important in modern navies and navies across the world keep an extensive fleet of them; Auxiliary ship do anything from repairing ships, to refueling ships, transport and support. This is hopefully what will be mimicked by the Auxiliary ship unit if added.
      Having an Auxiliary ship in a naval stack will extend the range significantly of the stack, which will be very beneficial and would give your navy a
      significant edge over navies that haven't invested in Auxiliary ships, of course Auxiliary ships will be relatively cheap to research and produce considering the price to make and research ships in-game.
      The Auxiliary ship will also have a second function this would be to repair ships, which would mean that having an auxiliary ships in a naval stack will slowly heal hit points of the stack every day.
      Auxiliary ships will also have a small defence against submarines and other navy units, but no attack.
      Upgrading Auxiliary ships will increase their health, and the buffs they give to fleets which are more range and hit point replenishment, maybe the Auxiliary ships could just start off with giving stacks better range, but upgrading them to the next generation will unlock the hit point replenishment for the ship.
      Just my two cents on a possible idea.
      Thank you