Defence question

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    • scommysoggys wrote:

      So I have an army with some mobile artillery in a city...and an enemy comes to attack... my arty starts attacking when he gets in range... once the two armies get into direct contact/combat , will my army use its attack stats or defence+entrench stats?

      When enemy gets in range, your arty will attack, and it will continue to attack every hour thereafter. When armies come in contact your army will defend and will fight as defender every hour thereafter. Example:

      16:10 Enemy in sight/range moving towards you, cannons fire at enemy with attack stats.

      16:55 Armies come in contact, your army is fighting with defence stats.

      17:10 Now your whole army (not just cannons) will fight with attack stats, and enemy will be fighting with defence stats.

      17:55 This time your army will use defence stats,

      etc... etc... until someone dies or retreats.


      I prefer to keep artillery in a separate formation, behind the defending army.