Questions about the Caliphate

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    • I have a last question on this topic. I'm still playing as the Caliphate and I made an alliance (shared intelligence) with a country, for example Iran. If tonight there's un uprising in an Iranian city, what happens? Will I automatically declare war to him?

      (excuse me for the double post)

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    • one day after second time lost capital ... (translate 178 unit from this i have 3 ship 2 aircaft one radar max 10 ambicious car allmost becose game is final phase so about my army 140-150 insurgent (need make anexation for ship but its ultimate unit on this map for most naval reach cities ...) some anti air force and becose insurgent is like marine infatry i try evry time just reach in reseach

      normal infatry (for start just level II ) + oficier becose make insurgent stronger too

      anti air to kill enemy drone (or air force but anti air is only reseach ... and posible take anywhere with insurgent with in in basic strong anti air defence ...)

      and ambicious car becose its strong to infatry and posible giv it in stack with insurgent and dont care where is port for this stack ...

      yep and be prepared with infra structure to lost capital rebuilt it ( not quick ) and again lost most when you have more cities its make after da realy funny situation like yesterday i have only 122 unit today i have 178 ...

      and just shoot down israel or syria where is so much near citi near to another city and just run run from one citi to another is there enemy retreat and send another citi ( its some when hapens anywhere revolt survive or havent defence giv this unit comand go for another citi best is much more time not so much in conqered with still may revotl like homeland or capital city (most when somebody who coqer some citi lost capital ... its good situation to try take him ...AND I EVRYTIME on start use comand to unit go faster for lose HP becose one insurgent have realy problem anything kill when have just 15 hp so dont need have it this 15 hp its need take another citi to posibility new insurgent and yep between try to capture provience (2 time i win this map that 60% time i havent any my homeland citi just run with insurgent on map after revolt

      and for make army strong if posible make not easy defetable citi is most important build just hospital (or send insurgent in water when some piece of map is relative not war zone