Deleted my account..

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  • Deleted my account..

    Hello I deleted my account a while ago.
    And started a new 1 but I would like to play again with my old account.
    It had a bigger rank.
    User name was steve24622.
    And I have changed my email address as well. that is why I could not login to it.
    Old email was -----------------. and also forgot password to it..
    I saw another thread that a user had done the same thing deleted his account.
    I thought I could get my old account back with a higher rank..

    Current game name is Killersmith11 rank 8.

    Please help me

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  • Greetings player,

    Please do not provide your e-mail address openly online, you will never know who and how somebody will use that e-mail. An e-mail is private information that should not be provided openly for your own safety.

    I will create an conversation here in the forums with you, where you and me can privately discuss this issue. You can find your conversation in the top menu, all the way up next to notifications.

    Have a nice following day
    - Luoniev

    Conflict of nations - PL Team Leader, EN Senior Moderator

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