theatre defence system

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  • 1) TDS will trigger each time air/missile is within its aura range, reload time is 10 minutes ,so if missiles coming with interval 5 minutes as example, second missile may pass defensive aura between reloading. TDS aura activity isnt depended from position regarding city center, just target shall be within aura range, but if your TDS located exactly in center here is chance that also TDS point defense will work when missile reach city. Point defenses working chance isnt known exactly (info isnt opened by devs), but as per may personal experience its around 70-80%. Point defensive strength is same as aura strength.

    Usually I place one TDS exatly in center to have point defense and second TDS close to city (try cover 2 cities by aura if possible) to have different reload time.

    2) Cant answer precisely, but suppose that no. Missiles damage ability isnt depended from its HP.
    Probably more experienced guys may say if Im correct here.
  • Damaged misile indeed does less damage.

    (Which mean that, with an ICBM, your city get sent back to bronze age instead of stone age. Rejoice :D )
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