Information in Events log

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    • Information in Events log

      Would like to ask devs slightly update logs information details related with technologies researching. Current information style is very useless. For example: "Engine overhaul. Research completed" ... I really cant understand from such type report what is researched exactly, would be much better if log may specify research field as "Frigates engine overhaul" for example. Suppose this small details arent too difficult to update, but really help to players.
    • exatly if you play one map easy if more realy dont remeber what you reseach same is report about fight (most fleet and navy find where is hapens is sometime realy hard if report is city of start or navy report send sou in location where is not your ship
    • just be inat make posibility so take off info about realy non important

      like your population grow (if you have 60 cities realy ... just make mess )

      try to play speed and go sleep or work 390 x info realy most you dont find what is happens in this just waste time better look on map in citi on army than look in info ....

      second why must have more report about fight ( and confusing )

      your army fight with tank division you kill batery of tank like one becose left like last ...

      so twice report why inaf is one ...

      abiut buildind same if be posible take off ( like choose ) in game when you are about day 50 you dont care about what you build but much more about spionage and fight and witch unit croos border (most be nice write what crose ... not just unit ... ) becose how i write normal not so mess after work or sleep but speed realy justtake time before game uploud this info and most just open and close .. and go look on empire

      second be prety nice in premium see provience (like most with some resource fleet habrbor with you build ...)

      and last things posibility in build front make up down by one click most if you have 5 homeland its about 20 build in front some another like provience uprage harbor or airport or after anexation + recruit if situation change is realy hard take somet´hing on first place ( like 50x click and move up (most when front make evry time move on position one and you must roll down and search exatly place and if you want see with provience is uprage must go out search ba name to see where is this build ...