Questions about controlling air units.

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  • Questions about controlling air units.

    I have 2 questions.
    How do I have an air unit do the following actions: patrol an area, land, refuel, take off, patrol an area indefinitely. I don't want heavy bombers to destroy an airfield AND take out my air units. Second, how do I have an air unit attack another air unit, land unit, sea unit, or city, land, refuel, take off, and repeat that cycle indefinitely until that order is canceled?
  • 1.) Just use the patrol command i guess? i mean when you order a unit to patrol, it will patrol said area for an infinite amount of time unless an enemy enters patrol area and triggers a fight, in that scenario the unit automatically will fight, refuel, and return to patrolling the area.

    2.) Just set an attack order onto the unit when you see it? The unit will then attack the other said unit until it is destroyed or out of range