Transport times vs real life

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    • Transport times vs real life

      Just wondering, my first time crossing the pacific for war, and I've noticed my troops consistently are faster sailing rather than flying. (I'm Peru attacking China). I built an airbase and pontoon on Guam to "speed up" invasion, but then the eta was faster sailing. Currently I have airbases in Hawaii and Beijing, but it's still faster for me to sail to Korea from Hawaii than fly to Beijing and drive. Just wondering why, as this seems very unrealistic. IRL you can fly direct from Honolulu to Beijing in about 10hrs. Fastest commercial flight time from Lima is about 25hrs and that includes flying to Montreal! so why would it take 2 days to fly from Cusco to Beijing via Hawaii in the game? Especially when sailing times are faster in the game than IRL. The fastest IRL crossing of the Atlantic is over 3 days and the Pacific is much bigger, but you can sail it in a bit over 2 days in the game.
      This seems particularly true over the Pacific as it's a much more reasonable 18hrs to fly to Lima to Amsterdam, which is a 12.5hr commercial flight IRL
    • you must read info at unit ... not take stack non experince unit with need to fly transport close range

      high level unit pass easy ocean by one point (quick) if giv (specialy some slow on land ) in stack

      game take calculation and posibility to move by sea is for most slow unit quick than any posibility travel by airlift and land
    • Did you ever see us advertising "realistic travel times" or "sim"?

      Did you ever enjoy watching paint dry?

      Could above hypothetical questions actually point at us deliberately reducing travel times because 3 weeks waiting time isn't what players normally want to experience when crossing oceans?

      So many questions ;)

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    • Well, I've definitely seen "WW3 simulator" in advertisements.
      My point is why is it faster to sail than fly, when flying should always be faster? I was wondering why it would be faster to sail all the way across the Pacific than fly direct to Guam and sail from there. My planning ahead and investing in building an airstrip and pontoon on Guam was wasted.
      Of course I get why you wouldn't put all these at realistic speeds, I just think they should be realistic relative to each other.
    • from point A to point B

      one navy citi to another navy citi with inaf distance to not so much count with reloud unit ye it may be a little some

      but still if your unit have inaf rank its much more speedy go by air that sea

      something another is go by sea near and land and go

      and other go by air far and more distance by land with slowly unit .. on land

      and last thing... stack unit for transport max speed is ONLY 5 UNIT DOSENT MATTER HOW UNIT ... to make calculate ...
    • Hmmm, maybe it was a stack thing... But I just tried moving 2 lvl 5 motorized infantry from Trujillo to Hong Kong, they fly to Hawai'i and then sail, same with Qingdao and Zhengzhou, though I now have an airbase in Beijing. Never uses Guam. Moving to Vientiane they actually go around the world in the opposite direction. Game is 2782213 if that helps, maybe there's a bug.

      Learned something new though, didn't realize ferry range increased as you upgrade units.

      Idk, just seems it should be possible to do it quicker than having to puddle jump all the way up to the Aleutians and down. But I guess the other islands are too spread out and beyond the early 5000 ferry range, so you'd have to have the almost max level units to fly across the Pacific? But just eyeballing it, it doesn't seem any further from Peru to Hawaii than Hawaii to Guam... Idk, not a big deal I guess