New infantry tree

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  • New infantry tree

    HEre is the problem :
    Most of players develop only basic infantry. Because it main role is to take and keep cities. Mechanical infantry is more or less similar and it's unecessary to have 2 different infantry to do the same job.
    Basic marines level 1 is enough to take islands and airborne have been so nerfed that it became useless.
    My suggestion is simple : just transform them as upgrades of the basic infantry (same as marine fighter or marine striker).
    With cheaper and faster development , they will worth the price. And they'd still need the infrastructures to build them.
    And you won't have to choose between basic infantry or mechanical, or marines as your main infantry, you may have both of them in your army.
  • You are assuming that everyone uses basic infantry early in the game, but this is not true. Having the availability of other types of infantry early in the game is a large asset to some people, and this would only make the early game more monotonous. In addition, this would only delay the research of these other types of infantry. The only benefit of this, as far as I can see, is providing free upgrades to preexisting infantry. This does not seem to be a good trade-off.