4 coalition players

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    • 4 coalition players

      I, as the leader of one of the largest SARMATS alliances, my players constantly play a team game, 5 people on the world map. When 5 people enter the map as a team, then other players have little chance of winning, I suggest urgently reducing the size of coalitions on the world map to 4 people, this will give more chances to other players, there will be more coalitions on the map and more wars and fun. 5 players in a coalition - too many. 1 coalition of 5 people, immediately takes the region, and so there will be more coalitions of wars, injections of gold to win. Everyone will benefit only from such a decision - 4 players in the coalition.
    • If you are solo it does not matter if they are 5 or 4, you will be overwhelmed anyway. If your attackers aren't entirely bad even a 2 vs 1 is hard to pull off.

      I don't really understand the reason. Everyone can form or join its own coalition, it is not the devs fault, if they don't.

      Having more coalitions also does not prevent those coalitions from teaming up.
    • Ppl already dont create that many coalitions, with 64 players you could already create 12 coalitions, but does that ever happen? not really. And of course will a premade team be always incredibly superior to a coalition of a bunch of randoms (not that thats hard tho).
      Setting coalition member limit to 4 wouldnt change anything at all. You’ll just have the usual 5-6 coalitions but only with 4 players now and the premade team will still roflstomp them
      Help what do i put here