notification for when new game is released

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  • notification for when new game is released

    recently someone else suggested emails when a new game is released but I think maybe a chrome extension would work better for that? like have check boxes for what maps there are and then you can check the chrome extension to see if there is a new game or not instead of checking the website. if chrome extensions have permission to give a notification then that would be even better :)
  • Greetings,

    Seems like a lot of players are interested in this kind of a feature, but the question is where you want the notification, email?
    If a lot of players are interested, maybe the devs would be interested in creating something like this in the future, certainly after the app is released.. could have a connection to give a player a notification if wished...

    I will move this to the suggestion section where player and devs can discuss this idea.

    Moved to Suggestions Section.
    Have a nice following day
    - Luoniev

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  • We have no intention of offering this service ever. Sorry, but totally besides the fact that this can turn into spam hell, we are running a business here and need people to come into our game, check out stuff and communicate with each other .

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