General game imbalances

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  • Kalrakh wrote:

    Saying gold is bad is easy, having an idea of a better way to finance the devs and servers is hard. If you have no better idea, first think about one.
    Above is completely correct.
    From my side can add that "heavy" gold users, which are "unstoppable", presented in 20-30% of games only. I think such % is acceptable enough.
    And dont play in scenarios with "nuke available from first day" ;)
  • As not mentioned once, no we will not remove the possibility of using gold.

    Mentioning balancing, this has happened more then once, and gold is more expensive then it has been before. Making you to have to spend a little more today, to achieve the same kind benefit. What kind of balance is needed?, making it so expensive that it will become useless?

    But the idea is kinda simple, if you want the game without GOLD, every player would have to BUY the game, or have a monthly SUBSCRIPTION.

    Many player say gold is bad, but then would not want themselves pay to play this game. Players are here thanks to that the game is fully free to play, but yes you will have to run in into some players that spends gold, and sometimes a bit more gold, every once a while on a map.

    So to have this game for free, there needs to be some other sort of income, and sadly something like skins will not work in our game.

    We already have a possibility to play Elite map challenges with other alliances, once a month, no gold allowed.
    Have a nice following day
    - Luoniev

    Conflict of nations - PL Team Leader, EN Senior Moderator
  • Actually we did just last week - instead of paying 5.95 for 30 days you now pay 9.95 for 90 days. Last I checked that's a substantial reduction of price.

    @Cyrulik I will not delete it - just close it. We are generally not interested in discussing pricing or gold use. As stated repeatedly. If you feel it's not viable or unfair, there are enough threads explaining our reasoning and business model.

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