Unit kill count

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    • Unfortunately what seems a little issue is a big problem codewise: Units are basically "recreated" once they are merged or upgraded. Hence the reset.
      This said we have had this on our plates since Vanilla - so yes - even we devs would love to retain both kills as well as the unit names (eg 7th Inf Battalion no matter how many infantry you move into or out of the stack).

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    • an potential easier solution for that (and maybe more elegant) may be to only keep the kill count of groups "large enough" (stack of 10 ground / 5 air / 5 sea) to be designated as "armies", or "fleets" (or air fleets).

      Big groups have ID that change less than individual units, for obvious reasons. It may be easier to track kill count for those big groups. Units inside die, are upgraded, are moved/separated, but the big group remains more stable

      Related Design idea : i know that "experience" was something desired but not implemented down the line for various reasons. Such "stable ID" big groups could be used for that, in theory.

      Second related Design idea : We know that an "Army manager UI" is something desired by everyone in fhe future. I now image a small button on the top right of the group picture (on the bottom ui bar) : "Designate BattleGroup", to pinpoint groups :D
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    • Eulogi wrote:


      Love the game. I also love seeing how many enemies a particular army has killed. Is it possible to stop the kill count from resetting every time the unit is upgraded? It is a small thing to adjust and would really be awesome.

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