Random Country or Coalition & Maybe a pause button & Block the idiots

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    • Random Country or Coalition & Maybe a pause button & Block the idiots


      Been playing this for the past couple of weeks, great game, however let down badly by the fact that to get the better force you need to pay for it. To which some people do, and they think that they are brilliant because they buy gold and increase faster.

      However, onto my subject

      1) A 4 x game (normal takes far too long) where everyone is given a random Country. You have the usual players hogging say China for example, let's see them have New zealand for example and see how good they are then.

      2) A coalition based game, where again people are put into a Coalition, that they cannot leave, so it kind of forces people who would not normally be together, be together.

      3) A pause button, we all need sleep, so a pause button at say 10pm at night, where people can say well ok I want to go to bed now, everyone stops until tomorrow, a temporary peace. The counters still go up, but no invasions during the night.

      4) Yesterday I had six Countries attack me, all of them were idiots, two coalitions ganging up on me. I do not want to speak to childish idiots, and would be nice to be able to put them on block, so I can concentrate on the game.

      5) A report function, I was playing a game a few days ago. Greece was moving onto squares and yet instead of turning onto Greece, they reverted back to Syria. Yet I could see Greece, however I could see no Syrian forces.


    • Hello Mark,
      thanks for playing the Game and also thank you for your Feedback.

      I might explain some Things:

      Preface: Yes this Game allows the use of Currency (Gold) to boost some Timers or lack of Ressources etc. This is common mechanic on Free to Play Games because with the earned Money, upkeep, patches, and maintanance as well as further development has to be paied.
      If you are a new Player (more or less) you might didn´t know that there are Alliances who fight against each other without gold, als well as Tournaments or special Events (IMP) where the use of Gold is restricted.
      (Further discussions about the use of Gold are not intended)

      1) i´m not sure but Palyers tend to choose maps where they can choose their favoite Nation. so Maps where you have drawn a unloved nation tend to have a high pervcentage of inactivity.

      2) If i`m forced to play with some guys whose language i dont speak (servers are international) this might be hard and lead to the same results as 1)

      3) The Maps are international, so you might play against an US Guy at the same time as against an european guy. at whichn time the game should send you top bed?
      War didn´t care about your sleep ;)

      4) A "Mute Button" for Players might be a good idea, but in my experience i let them bark, I see at which time they are on and shedule my activity to suit this knowledge ;)

      5) A Report function exists already. The Cogwheel down right expands a Menue, there hit the Bug and send your Report.
      --> in this case folowing might have happened: If you are in a coalition and your ally liberates Provinces or cities of your Coreland. they will be liberated foy you. So if Creece was in the same ally than syria and was conquering syrian terretory it will turn to syria.

      Best Regards
      That was not me, that was already broken!
    • may be he sleep 4x .. :thumbsup:

      if you want sleep without afraid lose evrything try normal speed yes its must have it strategy in game not just tactic make fleet destroy go back in port heal and again .. or you must count that may hapens some you .. that you be target