My old/new idea to improve game

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    • My old/new idea to improve game

      1.) Somewhere i read asking of new maps...I agree on more maps and Africa map as continent could be interesting - also i would encourage Dorado ppl to think about Carribian map or Southeast indonesia,Asia too....Maybe...old European world from WW1 ( borders from that time )...or even to go at the 1492 ( ok maybe not exactly that time but you get my point )...

      2.) And one thing bugs be over and over...
      the vision of resources - why in the world that is open? masking that would be "MORE INTERESTING" - forcing you to use spys

      3.) Also - if i'm premium player and i share intelligence with it - why i'm not able to liberate him? that should also be option

      4.) Somehow Secret weapon lab it is useless until day should be upgraded to have function of research - 2 simultaneously research is ok - but it last extremly too long
      ( im my mind idea of labs should be used as research base for everything - not only to build troops, every lvl could reduce research for idk 0.5 - 1 % - example: lvl 1. gives you nothing, lvl 2 gives 0.2%,lvl 3 gives 0.4%,lvl 3 gives 0.6% lvl 4 gives 0.8% and lvl 5 gives 1 % boost in research for every secret lab builded that is just exaple - it would be awesome when your lvl 5 would give you 10% )

      5.) Reduce construction of buildings in homeland ( only ) - as it would be more interest in gameplay itself faster development and more resources would be available to spent -size of city should have also some importance in building ( not units - that is quite ok with office recruitment ) and resources income...Or at least reduce building of recruite office, hospitals, bunkers and so....

      6.) Massive war - war against more than 3 country should provide much greater penalty in morale - lots of people just goes in war because they can and they leave a province or two - attacking country should also have more penalty in morale - as I see lots of people attack 2-3 county at once especially NPC country - that would make them to build up their country more and would made them to reconsider what they already conquer and how that will affect their country - for example: a few days ago: I see Angola has conquest South Africa and immediately went on Mozambiqe and at the same time is fighting with Cameroon - that is simply too much ( if he is using gold, then it is ok by mine opinion but if he is not using it - then it is just too much...I'm not going to elaborate how much people are in war with 5-6-7 countries at one - that is why i have this idea

      7.) i would like to see better resource dealing when city size comes in line - for example lvl.1 city and lvl 8 city can have same income if they have same building and morale - cant say now that i'm 100% but i did noticed that in very often ocasions are almost same - witnessed more than one that lvl 2 and lvl 6 city have same income in resource - speed of building should aslo come in account when size of city cames to math
      and why we all dont start with citys lvl 1 - and then you start to upgrade it? why some of them start with lvl 6-5 even 7 i saw on some ocasions

      that much from me for now.... :thumbsup:
    • 1.) I don't know if you have been following the game, but if you did you would know that they just announced a new scenario/map coming, we also have been getting the old flashpoint version to play from time to time, but yeah more different maps are always good

      2.) idk what you mean with vision of resources elaborate more pls

      3.) There is an option, its called a coalition

      4.) Thats not even remotely true and I don't know where you get that one from, its used to produce warheads for missiles and I frequently see people use them.

      5.) For faster gameplay there are always the games with 4x speed, the time required to build stuff seems pretty good as it is right now, considering especially the lower tiers of them are usually build quite fast.
      Also you already start with a lots of ressources, giving people even more of them early on would just kinda undermine the aspect that ressourcemanagement is in this game. The only point I can agree with in here is that population increase could be a bit more impactful.

      6.) I don't really see a point in this as it would just make wars between two coalitions unenjoyable as both sides would get just heavy penalties just for taking out their competition.

      7.) idk what to say about this one except that I already said that level of a city could be a bit more impactful
      I am the basline for opinions