Strategy VS Gold, a suggested thread to solve the dilema

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  • Strategy VS Gold, a suggested thread to solve the dilema

    Let me start by stating how I truly feel about this game:
    - It's one of the best strategy games available online
    - It's a game with great support
    - It's a game that deserves to stay for a long period

    I guess most of us playing here came because of the attractive and smart strategy of this game. however, the excess usage of gold by some players - now much more than before - have put the strategy appeal into danger.
    We understand that Gold is needed to keep this game running with the support and new updates, but how to limit it in order not to ruin the strategy that we all came for?

    Denying this problem does not solve it, and I don't want to lose interest in this game.

    I am someone who has spent already a couple of hundred USD during the year, but most of it has been on sabotage in order to limit the excess use of gold by more frequent players who max their buildings and researches in just one or two days.

    A suggestion that comes to mind is to limit the amount that could be spend per day, as a daily limit, in order to keep the hope for those who still want to play strategy.

    I hope this thread opens the door to suggestions and not trigger an abrupt reaction that I have seen on many other threads by the mediators saying "stop it right there! we don't discuss the monetisation model in here".

    I want this game to stay alive, and this is something I have in common with the developers, so if you agree let us think and share ideas on how to keep a viable balance. Let us think long term strategy and not just short term financial tactics.

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  • I understand your worries, but :
    1) This game existed long time enough (meaning previous parts about WW1 and WW2), so suppose devs know how to find good balance between money and game.
    2) For true "art of war" here existed tournaments without any gold at all, but as I see their popularity goes down, just thats separate discussion.
    3) In current time you may find really lot of games without "unlimited" gold usage by any players. Small gold users dont disturb game, just countervail with gold lack of time or experience.
    4) Devs working in fact . As you see in last updates "seasonal" units are step to earn money from subscription, also gold features are more expensive now.
    5) Imho , more important for game in current moment is try to make it more "variable", make new tactics, new interesting units and etc. In fact play 1-2 tactics with same units all time is just boring, so devs need all time find and make something new to hold players interest in game. For example I want to see in game LHD class ships, electronic warfare units (both land and air), more interesting and usable special forces and etc., here are lot of features which might be released in game.

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  • discusion about gold is resctricted but strike what hapens by some gold user is realy funny .. like last to meet with gold user .. make army make fleet so i just destroy him by gold aiport im sure by 10% than he invest for fleet take him capital citi and start cleared his army he log in game in 5 minit make new airport .. make new fleet .. it send atack my fleet again destroy airport for left gold ... and what up he used gold to destroy all in my cities in cities two coaly partner ... and make it new army and new fleet .. so where is strategy :D ... if i play this game like first my game may be not make any more map .. by this i write somethinng enjoy game .I. .... left him fight with rogues ... and wait coaly partner make rebuild i giv him my resource and wait to strike this .I. back .. but if make some like ... realy guy ...

    day limit be good stack price for some order to twice be good second make better play game and better income for developer from big gold user ... im sure that not be problem make map where is posible join by pay .. like registration in game 10 000 gold rule : non posible used gold there .. win have better statistic have more be happy from this win and by victory take something about 1500 -2000 gold .. so minus 8000 gold why not becose turnament its just for coaly not for solo player and im sure that many player not have time to make coaly play becose not make fuction coaly with may go make it oponent again function another coaly ..
  • Hi AbouNova,

    Thank you for your loyalty and contributions. They are what allows us to keep going - no Ferraris - no private jets ;) promise!

    This said, our rule is we do not discuss our monetization. If you truly are interested in the longevity of the game then you should trust me when I say: don't limit gold - or it dies. I've been making games for 20 years and unfortunately your initial gut feeling is wrong.

    I've explained it often enough in many a post: without millions of active users (eg. fortnite) you cannot live off small payments and cosmetic sales. This means that if you can't pay for ads, you don't get new players, if no new players refresh the activity base - your game dies. Simple and inevitable.

    Last advice: if you find someone gold-owning you try allying with or against him, or move to another map. He's just paying for all of us - so actually that's a good thing.

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