Alternative pay strategy

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  • Alternative pay strategy

    Every time someone mentions the kinda makes me mad. This is a great game. I understand it takes resources to maintain and develop it, however, you will not reach your full potential unless you make it 'even' to all players. I've been playing a few months now. Love almost every aspect of it, except 1. We all know what it is exactly. Anyways, how about a Pay-per-play game with no additional $$ spent in game? Everyone pays some upfront to play. When you do this, it gives you only actives who wants to play and then rely upon strategy to win. I'm afraid I'm getting burned out on the game because of its unfairness unless you spend $$. :saint:
  • I've explained it just yesterday - so once again:

    If we can't earn, we can't advertise. If we don't advertise we don't get new players. If no new players come in the game dies eventually.
    Player benefit: fresh blood and enough other players. Company benefit: enough money, to keep growing the game.

    Unless we gain active players on the level of League of Legends or Fortnight or such we won't be able to monetize other methods. Sorry, but this is the uncensored truth.

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