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    • I think that something like this might be pretty difficult to implement because it will basically impact how HP work on a fundamental level
      also legacy code :D

      The idea with reservers sounds stupidly overpowerd imo because it basically would allow you to fight without loosing units if you win the battle and it wouldnt really make sense to just revive a unit out of thin air. Especially with healing being a factor.
      Help what do i put here
    • Hollow Light wrote:

      the thing is everyone has excess to it, also this is a logical thing, you would expect that a unit will get the people it gave as reserves back after the end of battle, it would give healing a new use and allow big armies survive big wars
      What i meant is that if you win a battle you can just replace the fallen units without the need to reproduce it and in combination with healing these units up it would be really strong. Also all unit of the same type share the same healthpool, meaning that even if you revive that unit with minimum hp it will just die with the next attack.
      Also in terms of gameplay it would really just make it more tedious as you basically sacrifice the combat power of one unit to revive a unit which then has to heal up multiple days tor reach its full strenght again. In this time you'll have produced multiple of that unit which start out at full strenght.
      A system like this wouldnt really add anything to the gameplay.
      Help what do i put here