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      + + + + CONTENT UPDATE + + + +

      Today we are releasing the new, highly anticipated map: Rising Tides
      The new map introduces new mechanics that shift the status quo on the battlefield. It is very important that you look at the map-specific rules if you intend on winning in this map.

      Read about the new Rising Tides mechanics here!

      We aim to provide you with a unique strategy game found no where else, pushing the limits of our in-house game engine and toolsets.

      Notice: With the launch there was some turbulance, the server is catching up and as a result you might see some anomalies or issues crop up (coalition chat not working, elements not loading) but you are not hindered to play. In the meantime the servers are stabalizing. With this in mind, we decided to start the spawning of these map types to tomorrow until things clear. In the meantime, make sure to read up all you can about the map. :)

      New Map - Rising Tides
      • A brand new dystopian map set in the not too distant future, featuring:
        • Strategic Sites - Buildings which account for 1000 VP to those who capture and hold
        • Complexes & Shielded Complexes - Cities which can be shielded if the criteria are met
        • Rising Tides & Sea channels/Inland seas - New Sea channels and shores change the way you plan and strategize in your local area
        • Dead zones - Quarantined zones which cannot be traversed and do not offer resources
        • Antarctic continent - The Antarctic gives proves to be a useful base of operations, out of reach in the early game
        • 128 Playable nations - New potential hotspots in North America, South America, and the East
        • Special starting Unit setup: All nations start with Level 5 Motorized Infantry, Air Superiority Fighter, and Combat Recon Vehicle units to use from game start
        • The Chosen: A post-modern Insurgent faction with upgraded equipment and reinvigorated initiative
          • New Unit: Enforcer
            • Superior Anti Fixed Wing, Anti Rotary Wing, and Anti Armor damage
            • Stealth


      • Fixed disappearing City List button
      • Fixed issue where Seasonal Units were not visually shown in unit stack number count
      • Fixed broken Icon for Seasonal Unit unlock count
      • Fixed issues where embark/disembark timers would overlap
      • Fixed issue where News and message timestamps were displaying incorrect time in 4x Games
      • Fixed translation errors in international games
      • Updated Security Council Notice on Seasonal Leaderboards page
      • Reworded tool-tips for entrenchment and reveal-type spy missions

      //Your CoN Team
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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