The Suicide Rush - But Why Tho?

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    • Totally depends on a number of factors: map, date (in-game), which nation you're playing as. And it's a classic example of "the best defense is a good offense" philosophy. For instance, whenever I play as the United States, I usually rush Canada pretty quickly because if I don't, it just becomes a slog in the midlands of a game (roughly Day 10 - Day 25). If I spend all my time trading Toronto, etc., back and forth, then it's easy to commit so many resources and units to that campaign that a single player or coalition will make headway out of Europe and - before you know it - that one last Canadian city that's giving me trouble is nothing compared to the coalition forces that have landed at D.C. and Miami and are making their way north against me.

      Compare that to when I play as Spain, I move on the smaller nations in my immediate sphere of influence (the Iberian Peninsula). Usually, it's a race to close off the isthmus between France and Spain because there are more Spanish provinces along that border than there are French provinces (only three, as I recall). Once I do that, I can focus on taking Portugal at my leisure, pretty much, while continuing to build units along the isthmus to defend against any sneak attacks from France.

      Compare that to when I play as UK or Ireland, in which case my strategy is very different. As an island nation, I have some pretty decent defenses early in the game that I can load units onto only a few cities or provinces to defend my coastline. The goal being to survive long enough to build enough Arms Industries that I can build enough naval and air craft to soften up my mainland European target (usually France, though I've been known to work against Spain early with a pincer move from Gibraltar and Portugalicia. If I'm playing as Ireland, I'm usually entirely defensive.

      Compared to if I'm playing as Russia, I'll rush Iran/Turkey and/or Ukraine, at least against their cities that are closest to me, in order to injure their resource production capabilities. The purpose of that is not so much to take land, but to cut off their ability to wage war early against me. As Russia, I need to do that because it's just too long a front to defend early in the game.

      So the bum rush is a sound strategy, but entirely dependent on any number of factors. Coalitions and alliances can, of course, change those strategies. If they fend off some attackers, it gives you some time to research and build. If not, it's a cost/benefit analysis in how to preserve yourself moving forward.

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