The Question of Terrain and Strategy

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    • The Question of Terrain and Strategy


      I've been playing the game for probably around 60 days now. I'm still new, obviously, but I'm getting better than I was, and I think that with the restrictions I put on myself, I generally do fairly well. For me, the fun of an RTS is improving my own gameplay/strategies. I'm kind of at the point now where I "get" brute game play, and I'm aware of many of the nuances, but I perhaps don't give some of those enough consideration. One of those might be aspects might be terrain. I've seen a couple of times in the forums where someone has mentioned infantry defending in cities as a noteworthy factor. So, here's my question:

      What (if any) terrain considerations do you routinely involve in your games because you feel they are significant but that you feel many players may not take into account (and could be at a disadvantage because of)? Do you build/play differently around mountains, jungles, cities, suburbs, etc?

      Note: I'm aware of and religiously pay attention to shallow water/deep water and corvettes/submarines, so you don't have to mention that one.
    • I ususally only consider on which terrain the unit is weakest/strongest;
      for example: if you use (towed) artillery you never want to be in a forest because you will gain a 50% penalty to offense but a mountain instead would be optimal because it offers +25% dmg
      With a few exceptions most units gain offensive as well as defensive penalties in mountains/jungles; but terrain is imo more of a factore when you're defending
      I am the basline for opinions
    • PerigeeNil wrote:

      Okay, so when you're playing, you (personally) do make troop placement decisions based on the terrain? I have to admit, I'm not really doing that. I'm essentially treating the whole map like terrain isn't a factor at all (besides movement speed). Do you place different units in cities/suburbs/open territories for defense?
      Well i usually decide where i want to defend based on terrain but only if i absolutly have to; as i mainly use artillery/navy/air terrain isnt as much of a factor as when somebody uses for example tanks or other melee units. So no, not really, defender is in an advantage no matter where he defends only question is how high of an advantage you need.
      I rarely defend cities (unless ofc homeland) as the only unit i have for melee is usually inf which of course wont do very well against tanks or anything armored in generell
      I am the basline for opinions
    • yep ist some like see how people make defense position between citie in homeland area easy nobody go directly there before cpnqer evry another .. some like with terain long time i dont care specialy on speed where stay may unit .. now yes i used artilery to move directly by montain and never try to send him in forest or jungle if not nesesary becose not any another way about teberu anwer is like a little me .. why care about terain when most game is about air fighter .. why care about terain when nothing defend only homeland and some time some airport ... (and allmost is defend about that enemy dont touch this area .. so terain doesnt matter when enemy aproache in homeland it economy most go in ass ...)

      so yes is there benefit and malus for unit but i must sugest dont recruit unit with is non usable for game (nothing else than infatry dont nothing conqer .. nothimg else than ship artilery and online fleet make damage without lose

      so why recuit any heavy mele ...
    • main thing is look at atack /defense boosts.

      NAt guard gets a 50 pct defense boost in cities so although smaller stats on paper 1 ng unit equas about 1 inf unit dending city and cheaper and fast (8 hr builds). so trail your front line troops to hold cities but do not use to attack.

      I generally try not to attack any troops without weakening or taking out with advanced airsupport atacking or Navy n coast first. But if have to attack you basically need twice the defending stack to win.

      tanks and some adv inf suck in mtns so avoid battles there but can help if I have troops that I can get a defense bonus while they get a attack negative bonus. In these scenarios let them attack you. once you move close most people will come after you. let them its better to defend than attack in most cases.

      Art you want to put in mtns (50 pct boost) ; open ground ; avoid jungle (neg boost)