Not a Game flaw

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    • Not a Game flaw

      So I was in a game and one guy in coalition got to 2k points then left the coalition, timed to exit coalition like 1 minute before game clock ticked over. So this guy got a solo win while everyone else got nothing except gold.

      Is this intended game design? Surely once victory conditions are going to be triggered instead of 24 hours it could be 5 days or longer. Gives other members a chance to camp his cities and deny this.

      The point is he would not have got to that position without the safety in numbers of the coalition. Solo he would have been mobbed.
    • Well, Its maybe not the nicest move, but here some Rules od Real Life apply:

      Choose wiesely with whopm you ally ;)

      Also teburo is right, in the Moment he left, the Coalition gets a Message.
      If you want do piss him of, you have to move Troops to his land at once and declaring war as soon as he left.
      There is a good chance he will loose enough cities to fall below the line...
      That was not me, that was already broken!
    • I'm in agreement with everyone except the original poster. It sounds like the OP is trying to paint "benefiting from a coalition of which they were a productive member" as "took advantage of a coalition to steal a win", and I don't necessarily think those are the same thing.

      I agree that it's not terribly "cool" to stay throughout a game with a coalition and to then jump out at the end to claim the solo win. However, the conditions for a solo win don't, and shouldn't, demand that you go it alone from the beginning of the game until the end; it simply demands that you end the game alone and with enough VP. It is my opinion that belonging to a coalition at any point should be preclude a player from claiming a solo win later in the game, even though it could be argued that they were helped to get to that point by the coalition.

      Is a player that in involved in a coalition at any point possibly benefiting from the protection and aid of their coalition mates? Sure. Is it possible that an amount of their individual success is due to the group effort? Absolutely. However, all of the members of that groups enjoyed that some protection and aid, and this player was obviously the most successful of the countries in that some situation.

      Now, should the player have to be outside of the coalition longer before they can claim the win? Maybe, but why? They're still the most successful player in that game, and they still meet the VP requirements for a solo win. Your argument seems to be that it is because they enjoyed the benefits of the coalition, but again, so did everyone else in the coalition, and this player still outpaced all of those people. So why wouldn't they deserve the solo win if they chose to take it?

      It's not a "nice" thing to do, and I wouldn't do it (I've often been the leading player by far in my coalition), but I can also see the leader's possible point of view that might be "I gained enough VPs for a solo win, so why should I have to share that with people who didn't?"
    • It is part of our design philosophy to prevent abuse of mechanics, but also allow players freedom of decision and style.

      We know that it can be tough to accept but alliances in games or in real life often contain the seeds of their own demise. Just look at the world wars - and that's just an example.

      "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
    • scommysoggys wrote:

      This guy even demolished his airports so nobody could fly in. Clearly he has done it before and had it down to a fine art.

      Oh well seems like its the "cool" thing to to. I may as well jump on the bandwagon and start trying to do it :)
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