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    • GENERAL UPDATE (190925)

      + + + + GENERAL UPDATE + + + +

      We hope you're enjoying the Rising Tides map. We've been listening closely to community feedback, and henceforth bring you balancing changes of joy and chaos :) Some of you rightly pointed out that Complexes and Strategic Sites aren't attractive in early game, and with that in mind we've added some nice bonuses to these structures. Coalition sizes have been reduced to encourage players to adapt to the tactical nature of capturing Complex and Strategic Point.

      Rising Tides Balancing:
      • Complex now speeds up building construction by 5%
      • Domed Complex now speeds up building construction by 20%
      • Added flat resource production to Strategic Sites: 500 Rare Materials
      • Added an Airfield (Level 1) and Field Hospital (Level 3) to Strategic Sites
      • Reduced maximum coalition size from 5 to 3
      • Added more Sea Channels
      • Removed Strategic Site from Greenland
      • Added Strategic Site to Bermuda
      • Updated Season End countdown Timer to take server time-zones into consideration
      • Refined Seasonal Unit Panel to specify if your Security Council expires before the season is over, or if you are missing Security Council to claim the Seasonal Unit
      • Added highlight graphic for Searched User in the Seasonal Leaderboard
      • Added Button for players to cancel an application to a coalition
      • Updated Join Game popup to prevent cutoff on smaller screen resolutions
      • Fixed Sabotage Buildings dialogue box text when attempting to sabotage cities without buildings
      • Fixed error when attempting to trade in coalition chat
      • Fixed Season points progress bar visual overlap
      • Fixed buttons on the landing page which overlapped on Play Now button
      • Fixed issue where Diplomacy chat resets to top

      //Your CoN Team
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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    • @kurtvonstein please note that we also listened to your and other players feedback in regards to the importance of the Rising Tides Complexes and Strategic Sites.
      Our intention is to give them more meaning without tipping the meta - so by all means give it a try again and see if you can notice any difference in early game importance of both.

      We will start new version Rising Tides maps later today.


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