Sins of our Children

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    • Sins of our Children

      Sins of our Children:

      Created by Forgotten_Marshal
      Format and supported by: WarCityDriver

      Leading up to the 3rd and final world war, humanity had made great progress in improving their technology, way of life, and many thought the way toward peace. In the year 2087, that all changed… Who launched first is largely unknown, but in a matter of hours our world was consumed in nuclear hell fire and life as we knew it was destroyed… However, hope is not lost… Humanity has survived and managed to survive in caves, prewar bunkers, and other protected shelters scattered around the world. The year is 2,222 AD (135 PD) and countries all over the world have begun emerging and rebuilding. In some cases, looking to rebuild the world much as it was, others looking to forum their own societies, and others looking just for power and wealth. Only time will tell if your civilization survives.

      Expansion Limit:
      In order to prevent some nations from becoming too powerful, help balance the RP, and prevent land grabbing a mandatory expansion limit will be implemented. For each war, you will only be allowed to expand upto 8 Provinces and 1 city. Afterwards, you will be unable to expand further for 1 week as you integrate the new regions into your country. In addition, you will be unable to declare war on the nation you took those provinces from for 28 days (They can still declare war on you after one week and this will bypass the expansion limit as long as you have no conflicting claims or conflicts ongoing)
      Colonies/ claiming inhospitable lands (May or may not be implemented depending on the map we use):
      Depending on the number of players, and by extension some lands may not be immediately available to join when you can expand into certain regions of the world. For example, if we receive the Rising Tide map, Africa may be locked off for players to join in or expand to until day 28.

      1. No Goldmark usage without prior Main Admin (Forgotten_Marshal) authorization
      2. Post at least once every other day on the paper at least 250+ words in length
      3. Please do your best to use proper grammar and spelling
      4. be respectful to other players in game
      5. No OOC in the Paper. If you have any problems, please notify one of the games admins.
      6. No trolling!!! In the event of trolling an admin strike may be authorized by the Main admin (More on admin strikes in Admin Strike Section)
      7. You must stay within the Providence limit set by the admin team.
      8. You may not RP other player’s characters and units without permission.
      9. No invading inhospitable lands/ colonies until authorized by Main admin (If Implemented).
      10. If you go over the providence limit you have 48 hours to get rid of the providence.
      11. No Capital raiding
      12. If you break the rules you might be subject to a fine to be payed to the admin depending on the severity of the breach.
      13. Have fun and enjoy your RP experience.
      Admin Strike:

      In the event of a player repeatedly breaking the rules an admin strike may be authorized. If a strike is approved, then the players are free and expected to take out the player without being required to follow the providence limit. Please keep in mind, admin strikes are not to limit your creativity they are to make sure that trolls and other Sever rule breaches can be dealt with.
      (This has only used it once on SAS for trolling Fallout III)
      1. Admin must warn the player that is breaking the rules and stating the terms they need to follow to remain in the game. If these terms are not met, a strike may be authorized.
      2. The Main admin (Forgotten_Marshal) must approve of the strike

      Tech Rules:
      You are unable to build Helicopters until Day 7 (Including Airborne Infantry and Special forces)
      You are unable to build planes until day 14
      You are unable to build missiles until day 21
      You are unable to build Nukes or other WMD's until Specified by Forgotten_Marshal

      Please keep in mind, Officers are the exception to the rule that can be built day 1 as they represent special units in game. In other words, they are the special snowflakes getting to test out this new equipment being developed. You can also research these weapons before hand but not build them. This includes your starting aircraft so if you lose it, you cannot rebuild it til day 14.


      Everyday equals three months.

      Recommended Stages to lead up to a War:
      1st stage: Diplomacy
      The first stage on road of war is diplomacy where the nations will use diplomacy to bring about an event or take a providence. If diplomacy fails, then both parties advance to stage two.

      EX: Enclave demands the providence of Palma or they will declare war.
      Stage 2: Armed Forces Build up
      During this stage the aggressor will begin massing forces at the border of the opposing party’s borders and setting them up before attacking giving the defender a last chance to give into the aggressor's demands.

      Stage 3: Invasion
      After failing to come to an agreement in stages 1 and 2 the aggressor may attack their target. This whole process should take around at least 3 days.
      You must also give the nation you are attacking a chance to surrender and if they do, the other country must concede the demanded territory.

      Carriers and other large weapons:

      Carriers or other large vessels or weapons must be named appropriately. Also, a single carrier does not represent a prewar restored carrier and will usually represent a large cruiser with 1 or 2 aircraft on board.

      EX: NCR Mississippi
      EX: NGRN Jagermeister
      EX: USS Herald

      Please keep in mind, if you want to build something bigger like a prewar intact carrier you will need approval from the admin team and be sent the requirements after you contact them (They will provide the requirements for you to build what you want RP wise.)

      Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

      Why Do we have a province/ expansion limit, why can I not just expand as fast as my army’s allow?

      This is to help decrease the amount of land grabbing while keeping the game somewhat aggressive as you would expect in a post-apocalyptic RP. In addition, it also helps to keep the balance of power somewhat even and allow smaller nations to be able to possibly to catch up to larger nations.

      Is there mutants or other creatures that are outside the normal in this world?

      Yes there is mutants and other lifeforms created from radiation, escaped lab creatures from genetic experiments from before the war, etc in the game. Yes, I know that scientifically speaking it is not 100% accurate or likely based on the results of studies of mutations like in post war japan or Chernobyl. However, it makes it more fun and makes the number of militant factions that tend to pop up in post Apoc Rps make more sense.

      Do we have future technology in this game?

      Near future tech allows players to play like a modern-day nation or develop a specialized nationality to separate themselves from other nations. The technology part allows each nation if they desire to be a little bit different to do so (Within reason). Remember, that the admin team can ask you to change or remove tech being used in articles if it is to far out of the wild. If in doubt, contact an Admin beforehand for approval.

      Why can the admin use GM for Admin strike and other support functions?

      Sadly… Roleplays can and have been targeted by trolls in the past. Allowing the Admins to authorize and use GM allows us to quickly eliminate such players, quickly repair and reverse accidents in the RP that where caused by mechanics, and other appropriate cases. This is a provision written in to help improve user experience during the RP in certain cases.

      What happened with the delay in making this RP go live?

      I know I was talking with around 60 players in December and we were almost ready to go. However, shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer that caused a delay with this production to say the least… I am doing well and back on my feet, as such I am moving forward with reviving this RP, starting with seeing how many people are still interested.


      In-Game Name:
      Discord name & number:
      Have you read the game info (Y/N)
      Do you understand and accept all rules? (Y/N)
      Top 3 Nations Requested (When the map is decided upon I will reach out to you to confirm the country you would desire. For now, please state the continent you would prefer to reside on)
      Your sample article:

      Forgotten Marshal is the main admin and will be responsible for this thread moving forward as he was having some issues with the forums and creating threads. He is looking to get a head count before putting in the official map request, but would like to make a larger map.

      RPU Chief Operation Officer

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    • Names currently interested in the RP (Dorado User name):
      Queen Hagfish

      Nathaniel DeLeon
      king Nate 1

      Discord user name:
      Captain Sheperd#3615

      RPU Chief Operation Officer

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    • Roleplays are about the journey and not the destination I would argue. As such, while wars do help to generate articles they must also be balanced as each player lost means less players posting. As hemmingway would say "Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee".

      Even then, by most RP standards that is a limit allowing for players to still be pretty aggressive.

      RPU Chief Operation Officer