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    • GENERAL UPDATE (191003)

      + + + + GENERAL UPDATE + + + +
      • Ban link now directs to dedicated forum thread
      • Added an ingame button which will direct you to a page with Information specific to the Map / Game Event type
      • Fixed edge case issue where Complex is destroyed
      • Fixed issues with Splash Damage
      • Fixed issue where artillery would not damage Units in a city
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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    • kill economy by outcome by salary ..

      second how is there many nation with less than 5 citi this nation most time rushed (like without reason political ,diplomatic just reason to try survive -TOTALY IMPOSIBLE SURVIVE without gold or coaly partner and big luck so reason survive just decimate army ,strategy go in hole becose most this atack is suciade or just make both tu much weak (in 99% this smal nation by number of start unit so if he beat big boy second big boy smash him by make small push and take evry another and its hapens that after most powerfull unit on map is choosen .. non posible ofensive tactic by reason if a atack b and win C is much more powefull but if is noob or no so much active still A beat him but after realy not beat D by this starting unit becose economy

      so map is beatifull, but stressed non economical way evryone is stil in danger by air,sea land atack or win point place ( i like it ...) this is ironic ... :thumbsup: change tactic and strategy :thumbup: ¨

      BUT it will be nice to make this map fair play for new player becose realy how most newbies dont know how is map is make registration see that have 3 citi ok make prepare atack ok not sucsesfull ok archive (but defender is almost in ass too .. by devastatin economy in one two homeland citi in day 2-3) sucsefull ok try anexation and lets go but after is weak for neigbours .. and again be eat just becose big boy with brain just by con news count loose look on citi easy count he is weak come ... :thumbdown:

      so its ,,,ok,,, big nation on normal map By weak how big space must defend ... but if we talk about

      7 citi like germany or i think france ... or nation like sri lanka zambia ... its seriously looser nation by non gold way ..

      and how may player know that is take losser nation ... just by first registration but .. how many people rember it and want it remeber or chalenge economy new strategy new boost for "inactive" play by high level unit .. ok its posible say its strategy but

      high level unit + low level number homeland citi is nood good idea ... (for player )

      i know it i tested on map before and i know THAT NEWER take small nation .. its not chalenge it about be milionar or big lucker on inactive map and idiot enemy .. ( and i dont like play con with just UI ....
    • as much as i try,
      i can´t get any sense into this.

      I know English is not your native tongue.
      Would you please be so kind:

      a) translate it via google-translate
      b) write it in your native tongue and let others do the translation
      c) combine it (like many of the russian players do), write it in your native speech, and ad the google translation.

      I´m pretty sure, that this will do a great job for everybodys comprehension.
      No offense intended of course
      That was not me, that was already broken!