insurgent upgrades

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    • insurgent upgrades

      so in a middle east crisis game im the caliphate and im having a blast destroying people's stats and dreams but running a huge stack of insurgents thru them early game but anyways, i was wondering if we could upgrade insurgents? because its very hard to have a home base if you know what i mean as insurgency unless i like make a run for a corner of the map and just camp there idk
      or maybe just make insurgents stronger as the game goes on? because i think my power will fade as the game goes on and ppl upgrade their infantry and stuff
      i think that will make caliphate more fun and playable
    • sorry i play caliphate many time about 10 time JUST ONE TIME i lost game becose is be there gold player that yes spend many gold to win but caliphate and insurgent is realy TOO much strong just is not nation for half inactive and have another tactic ( like day 5 need lose capital city declare war on evrybody .. and is not about what you recruit and about resource what you need is only one citi with hospital and make some air defence doesnt matter if aircraft or realy some AA ..

      by the way many time i win that i take caliphate from somebody who abandon game ( so any homeland citi ...) just insurgent from conqer citi