Multi Accounts

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  • Multi Accounts

    Hi CoN Staff,

    I really love this game! However, when there is one person playing 4 different accounts on the same map it is really discouraging. You can see for it yourself. Game 2850754 - For sure Iran, India, and China are all the same person. They speak exactly the same to me in messages. Not to mention the swearing, but I am a big boy and can handle that. I suspect Japan is as well.
  • Thanks for the kudos ;) but in order to get active we need at least your ingame name and the gameID you are playing on - as well as who you are suspecting. Hence the request to send us an ingame ticket.

    This said: The only "cheating" we have going on is players trying to create multiple accounts (not per se an issue) to log in to the same match (definitely worth a ban).These we ban on a regular basis (ongoing) and we report the figures. Will this ever stop? No. There is no way that we can prevent players from trying to cheat except policing our own game. Which we do.

    So rest assured we are on it and your contribution helps us to keep the game "fair".

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