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    • Multi Accounts

      Let me run down a scenario - invest about 14 to 21 days in a game, there's a few active players left. Then get involved in a war, and all of a sudden 5 different abandoned countries come to life by players with ZERO game experience, this is these new player's first game ever...And there's five of them all in a one hour time frame, and they all declare war on you.

      Now I'm in another game and we're about 14 days in. All of a sudden Algeria decides to give Canada all of his cities, and Australia decides to be nice to India and gives them their cities. Now, C'mon.

      How do you expect players to actually spend money on the game when this type of activity is happening on a regular basis?
    • If it isn't reported to us, how are we supposed to act against it?

      If you suspect multi accounts in your games, report them, and we'll take care of it as fast as possible.

      We do have some mechanics that lower the amount of multis made, but we cannot keep them all away without manually removing them.
      Community Coordinator
      Conflict Of Nations | Dorado Games
    • The problem is once it starts happening, history is altered and the game is ruined. 21 days wasted because the guy can't stand to lose so he opens up 4 alts and brings 4 countries back to life, and he'll continue to open up new alts so long as he's losing.

      Reporting them hopefully gets them all banned eventually but that's 21 days of time, effort, and possibly money wasted. In the meantime it takes little effort or time to start new accounts and continue with the alt account activity.
    • game id# 1923253

      PesasDy / Algeria and alexsandra1669 / Canada - are both the same player.

      Ali Alagoz / India and hjhjhjbro / Australia are both the same player.

      That game is filled with alts.

      This particular game is in day 23. We have seen it dwindle down to a few players left and all of a sudden all 26 player slots are filled up. What are the odds of that?

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    • Futureman99 wrote:

      I have reported *numerous* instances, I have seen *zero* reply and *zero* action taken. Obviously the game devs don't care or don't have vigilance to take action against this nonsense. There is no way I would ever spend money on a game that can have the rug pulled out from under me like that.
      hey bro I get that that is majorly annoying and totally unfair, but please be nice to the staff, mods, and devs. They work very hard to make sure that this is fairly moderated but at the same time trying to keep updating and fixing the smallest little issues in things that w"all complain about. I get that that is frustrating I mean I had a game that got closed bc it was getting out of hand with people being totally inappropriate and I had put 12 days in then boom closed! so just play a few games at a time and please be kind to the friendly effective mods (staff devs etc.) at least you it recognized this game is a heckuva lot better then some I've played.
      As always just my 2 cents

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    • Hello
      I am sorry that you haven't seen any action taken.

      I can assure you that we do our best to keep the gAmes nice and fair. We do work on multi tickets, and remove any player that is cheating, but we are currently a bit understaffed.
      If it has been more than 72 hours since you made your multi reports, please write to me, and I'll look into it.
      Community Coordinator
      Conflict Of Nations | Dorado Games
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      Multiple account and insult to the family