Pinned Spies: What are your thoughts?

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    • espion chère et trop long dans la plupart des cas l'ènnemi en plus a des contre pour que ce soit intèréssant il faudrait réduire le temps de réalisation ou les mettre dans le fonds du pays car on sait qu'il faut 12 heures pour avoir un conte rendu et en 12 heures il s'en passe des choses sur un terrain d'éxécution .................................. ...... :pouce vers le bas: leclerc_XLR.jpgleclerc_XLR.jpg
      10 eme régiment :thumbsup:
    • Yak wrote:

      In light of recent Discord discussions, I've compiled a list of these ideas which were brought up, I encourage you all to discuss
      • Reward to players for Spies which are caught with counter-ops
      • If one spy is caught, the rest of the spies found in that City have a chance to be caught
      • Homeland spies and foreign spies should have different prices, and potentially upkeep costs
      • Should have upkeep costs relative to the mission that they are on, potentially using other resources

      CON is great but I do think espionage should almost be another game. If your strength is military strategy, then you probably are not an intel officer in real life.

      I would love to see a mandatory vote by day three that if the majority of the players want intel added to the game, then it gets added on day 4. Nobody really uses it before then anyhow because everyone knows what you can/cant have (equipment wise) within reason.

      I think that for espionage to be fair though, if a person uses any gold in the game, they cannot purchase anything in the Intel panel. So when they have a lvl4 airbase on day 3, a player could potentially sabotage their endeavors via espionage, and the gold player could not retaliate via espionage.

      Coalition rules of shared intel remain, but they themselves cannot destroy an enemies game..and i have seen it done to myself and others, espionage is way too powerful to be placed into the hands of a menace.

      The Intel aspect is cool, but mostly abused imho. It can be the absolute bane for anyone under attack and that makes the game significantly less desirable to play.