EN Community Screenshot CoNtest [ENDED]

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  • EN Community Screenshot CoNtest [ENDED]

    Greetings CoNmanders,

    Is there anything more beautiful than an army in full flight or a battle too beautiful to ignore?.

    War is Art, YOU are the Artist and CoN is YOUR Canvas!

    Your CoN EN support team team are happy to announce our latest Forum screenshot contest. Here you can show us anything from war tactics, battlefield shots to interesting army formations or even funny shaped countries.

    The best screenshot will be rewarded with 12,000 Gold

    Every player can enter MULTIPLE screenshots, but only ONE of them can win.

    To enter just reply to this forum thread with your screenshots! or start a forum convertation with @Dr. Leipreachan

    We are looking forward to see all of them!

    Enter your screenshots by Nov 3rd @ 10 pm GMT

    Your CoN EN Support Team
    Dr. Leipreachán

    Community Support
    Dr. Leipreachán - EN Team Lead
    EN Community Support
    Dorado Games | Conflict of Nations | Senior Support
  • Here are some different screenshots before and during the war phase of an alliance challenge.

    Defending Bulgaria against an onslaught of hostile forces, starting with a short summary of their troops (in german shorts):

    Also a pre-war phase preparation in a different challenge, fighting for naval superiority:

    Also some statistic out of our challenges:

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